The operations of JBS, the largest supplier of meat affected by the cyber attack

The world’s largest meat supplier, JBS, was hacked into its North American-Australian systems, disrupting its global operations and forcing thousands of employees to retire.

The Brazilian company has up to 7,000 employees in Australia, where its slaughterhouses are heavily dependent on casual staff. JBS has not said when it will be able to resume processing cattle, pigs and sheep at 47 facilities in the country, say people familiar with the matter.

The company’s plant in Cactus, Texas, closed in the United States on Tuesday, the company announced on Facebook. Shifts at the company’s beef factory in Grail, Colorado (also home to North America) have been canceled due to a cyber attack, according to a union spokesman.

JBS Canada also announced that it had canceled the shift at its location in Brooks, Alberta. The plant processes about 4,200 head of cattle daily.

The incident hit meat processing operations at a time when beef prices were at record levels in many markets.

“Since JBS controls about 20 percent of meat processing in the United States, such security attacks could have major repercussions on our national food supply,” said the U.S. National Farmers Association. On Twitter:,

On Tuesday, JBS said it had taken immediate action when it learned it was the target of an organized cyberattack, including shutting down affected systems and notifying authorities. The attack hit some of its servers, which support the company’s Australian համակարգ North American IT systems.

This is the last case that was first discovered on Sunday cyber attack cord on global companies, including ransom programs last month on the Colonial Pipeline, which operates 5,500 km of fuel in the United States.

“The company is not currently aware of any evidence that any customer, supplier or employee data has been damaged or misused as a result of the situation. “Resolving the case takes time, which can delay certain deals with customers և suppliers,” the JBS e-mail says.

The meat processing industry relies on software իների search for animals և in IT systems, as it maintains records to meet regulatory standards.

Matt urno, a spokesman for the Australian Meat Industry Workers’ Union, said JBS workers arrived at work on Monday morning and were told they had stopped because of the attack.

“This will affect food production. It just depends on how long the shutdown lasts. “JBS exports about 60 percent of what it has developed so that some overseas customers can be light,” he said.

Australian Agriculture Minister David LittlePrud said JBS accounted for about one-fifth of its meat processing capacity, but the shutdown should not have a major impact on exports until it is extended. It was too early to guess who or why carried out the attack, he added.

“We are working with international partners to seek and rectify this cyber-attack, which is a global cyber-attack on their operations,” LittlePrud said.

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