Inder Inder Mahal explains his long absence from WWE

Inder inder Mahal revealed the regression of the injury he suffered after returning WWE: action in the ring in 2020

In July 2019, Mahal underwent surgery to repair a broken patellar tendon. Looks like he was going to challenge Drew McIntyre After returning to the ring in April 2020 for the WWE Championship. However, due to another knee injury, the former WWE champion was left out until January 2021.

Recently Mahal appeared in a YouTube video with Dr. Bo Heightower, surgeon. He said the WWE doctor found a second injury after the knee began to swell.

“So I showed the WWE doctor it was swollen,” Mahal said. “He’s like, ‘Oh, we’ll dump it.’ Before my paintings have been dehydrated before, so he drains it. He is like. “All right, get up, it must be good.” I went to stand and my knee was locked. I was like. “Oh no!” When all the swelling was there, I did not notice it, but I had a torn piece of articular cartilage, so I had to have surgery again. A microfractor for that operation, so it took a really long time to recover. And here we are. So this was another nine, 10 months. ”

Inder Inder Mahal made his long-awaited comeback in a six-man team game at the January 2021 WWE Superstar Spectacle.

Inder Inder Mahal recently returned to WWE TV

Wef Hardy lost a three-minute match to RA's under Mahal by RAW
Wef Hardy lost a three-minute match to RA’s under Mahal by RAW

After two long injuries, inder ind Mahal returned to the May 10 episode of the leading RAW WWE show. He now has two new allies with him: Veer (fka Rinku) և Shank.

In May Main in the Main Event և RAW’s singles, the 34-year-old defeated FFF Hardy. Despite these victories, he has not appeared in any of the last three episodes of RAW.

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