Do not judge the United States by its policies

Nearly half of US adults told the Pew Research Center last September that they were “probably” or “definitely” do not accept Covid-19 vaccine. More than four out of every Democrat were among them. At first glance, the breadth of America’s initial vaccine skepticism is surprising. At the time, it was a whole piece with a nation that had lost its irony, its civil decline, and its almost savage ridicule of the elites.

It is difficult to know where those people went. At least the United States has ruled one dose of the vaccine 63% of adults, which means millions of changed thoughts (և a few bluffs from the beginning). President Biden aims to secure 70 percent by July 4. Regardless of age, half of the entire population is now partially vaccinated. Back: options In the case of the virus, rather than herd immunity, refuseniks are more abundant. Related to abandoning their once intimidating movement as a paper tiger. But we must not ignore the wide display of compliance and its threat that we all know about this treacherous country.

Time to entertain the exotic thought that America is not its policy. The first thing about this Epiphany came last year, when blocking a few peace precedents required not only broad obedience but priority quantities According to the agreement, Biden is president mainly because he is his predecessor Donald Trump Bet on a silent set of “Do not trample on me” types that have never been realized. What was dissident about the usefulness of the masks, the wisdom of closed rallies, was quite real, quite deadly. But the “cultural war” was largely a headline for a nationwide search. Given the red-blue American religion, it must have been much worse.

The epidemic was itself government audit“Vaccination is a test of control, at least in countries with sufficient doses. It examines the extent to which voters accept the facts, defer to distant authorities, and establish good citizenship norms for each other. As a result, no wealthier nation was expected to be worse off than one in the third decade of its flawed party system. Even those of us who do not use the Hades window, which is social media, were afraid of the pace of the United States. Instead, it is Taiwan and other parts of the Pacific that are a very credible experience of Asian obedience this time around last year. to achieve:,

The consequences here are profound. If there is a gap between the noise of American public square, the good sense of its mass behavior (what economists would call its revealed preferences), the first should worry us much less than that. A country that can sometimes seem to be forcibly seceded can be deceptively cohesive and manageable. There are as many lessons for his external enemies as there are for others. They should not place too much hope on inappropriate US policy.

It is difficult to push the line of this dispute without whitewashing politics as a harmless side effect. That is not the caseIt brings people was killed on the ground To judge the Republican Party with the moral bow of the Congress, the case does not stop. But sometimes it is accepted that the social life of a nation dictates all its social results. The evidence of the moment suggests that there is no need for it. In any case, when bets are ontological, Americans seem to be able to overcome their policies.

The mystery is how. The Scots have a phrase for a Celtic or Rangers fan who cries out for sectarian violence before resuming a clean life. This is your “weekend fanatic”. This is just one example of the terrifying skill of dividing our species. Many people who say in a poll that Israel was involved in the 9/11 attacks in the United States are having a good time.

For all its coolness, US policy seems to be divided. Millions of people use it as a way out for their rude or racial part. But most seem to be able to get out of it perfectly when it comes to normal life, especially their business interests.

Their cynicism did not stop the crowds that were subjected to two technocratic demands during the year. The first is freedom, the second is personal. Which is: a large minority Democrats and Republicans say they would oppose having their child marry someone from the other party that would not meaningfully impoverish society.

Viewed from this perspective, even the fact that: most Republicans Believe that in 2020 Stolen elections are shocking, yes, but proof of future trouble. What matters is how intensely they hold that faith, what they will do if they act on it. The antioxidants of September seemed to mean that at the time.

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