Chael Sonnen wants to fight ake ike Paul կազմակերպ super tournament against Mike Tyson

Chael Sonne just joined the long list of martial artists who have been named YouTube stars Ake’s Paul,

Responding to Ali Abdelaziz’s tweet, Sonne expressed his interest in fighting the “Problem of the Child”.

The “American gangster” really has a condition that must be met in order for him to fight Paul. Sonnen said he wanted a guarantee that if he won, he would be able to fight Mike Tyson next.

Sonnen repeated the same request in the video he downloaded on his YouTube channel.

“Bring me Mike [Tyson], I will hand it over to me [Jake] Paul, “These are my conditions.”

Mike Tyson was last seen in the boxing ring in November 2020, when he competed in an exhibition fight with fellow boxing legend Roy Ons Jr. Although the fight ended in a split draw, most boxing fans recognized Tyson as the winner.

Chael Sonnen did not stop ake yak Paul with his call. He also claimed that he would beat Paul, Tyson, the former UFC welterweight champion. Tyrone Woodley, all the same night.

The next fight of Jake Paul has become known

After putting Ben Askren to sleep in their first round of boxing, Jake Paul will return to the ring, this time against former UFC weightlifting champion Tyrone Woodley.

Askren և Woodley are friends ող teaching partners. The “chosen one” will take revenge when he encounters the “Problem Child”.

The spark for Paul’s fight against Woodley was ignited when the latter got into a fight with Paul և’s teammate L ‘Leon Love behind the scenes before the fight with Pauli Askren.

Woodley, who ended his UFC career with a four-game losing streak, called ake yak Paul after a couple quarrel.

The date of Ake Paul vs. Tyrone Woodley fight is not yet known, but it is safe to say that a large number of people will agree to the fight.

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