Biden to address racial wealth gap at Oklahoma massacre site

US President Biden intends to narrow the gap between America’s racial wealth as Republicans try to curb voting rights amid tensions by visiting Tulsa, Oklahoma, where one of the deadliest attacks has taken place. black community in US history.

On Tuesday, Biden traveled to Greenwood, Tulsa, known as St. Wall Street, before being overthrown by a white mob in 1921 during a two-day standoff, underscoring the White House’s efforts to heal America’s tribal wounds. Protests escalated a year ago for life.

It comes in the wake of increasingly tense political struggles against Republican efforts to curb voting in many states they control, including Georgia, Florida and Texas, which critics see as a campaign to limit the turnout among Hispanics.

Democrats in Texas walked out of the House of Representatives late Sunday to block the passage of a bill to Restrict votingBiden harshly criticized the legislation as “non-American”, while National Party leader ime Harrison called it “My Crow 2.0”, referring to the discriminatory law and policy system that once prevailed in the southern states.

However, Republicans in Texas are expected to reintroduce the requirement of an election review bill at a special session of their state legislature, keeping the struggle alive.

On: national levelDemocrats in the House of Representatives passed a bill that would tighten voting restrictions at the state level. But it stopped in the Senate, where Biden’s party does not have the upper hand to nominate it under upper house rules.

As Republicans have dared to try to restrict voting, Biden has come under pressure within his party to change the Senate rules to allow Democrats to pass voting reforms without Republican support.

Ahead of his visit to Tulsa, Biden issued a statement urging the American people to “address the deep roots of our nation’s racial terror and reaffirm the work of rooting out systemic racism in our country.”

Attacks in Greenwood 100 years ago killed 300 blacks and left thousands homeless. During the visit, Biden plans to meet with community leaders and survivors of the massacre.

The White House has called for new measures to close the racial wealth gap in the United States, including tightening discrimination in home assessments and boosting $ 100 billion in federal contracts for small businesses in vulnerable communities. As its $ 2.3tn infrastructure planThe White House has also allocated $ 15 billion to transform transportation networks that have divided black and white communities, contributing to racial inequalities.

“The devastation in Greenwood and its families was followed by laws and policies that made recovery almost impossible,” the White House said in a statement. “And the chronic misinformation by the federal government about black entrepreneurs և small businesses rejected the just blow to Wall Street reconstruction.”

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