Which graphics mode does xQc use for GTA 5?

GTA 5 RP: Players often use different shades: graphic modes to make their streams visually unique և attractive.

GTA 5: As it approaches its 8th anniversary, the game remains one of the most popular streaming choices. GTA 5 RP has restored the game to a whole new form. Although it was a truly revolutionary game in terms of game design, graphics and capabilities, it is inferior to modern AAA titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 when it comes to visuals. In: GTA: The modding community has kept alive even the oldest GTA titles with their graphic modes, և GTA 5 being the latest series is no exception.

There are stunning graphic modes that bring the game as close to the real world as possible, և many broadcasters use such modes, including xQc:,

NaturalVision Evolution: xQc preferred mode for GTA 5?

GTA 5 RP, xQc Controversial Wallpaper Boy has recently been in the spotlight for its many barriers to the GTA RP NoPixel server (which is now permanent). He is responsible for the growth of NoPixel’s popularity, as the Overwatch professional player has a huge number of followers.

Another not-so-obvious reason for viewers’ attention is the graphic mode it uses. Twitch Twitch streaming collection with xQc և its game partners will reveal that its POV is quite different և significantly better. For those who are familiar with the changes, the reason is obvious. Custom eye shadows / graphic modes.

The special graphics mode that xQc uses in its GTA 5 RP streams is called NaturalVision Evolution. It is a popular graphics mode for GTA 5 with active packaged modes that update quite often.

What is NaturalVision Evolution?

NaturalVision Evolution is an ENB mode similar to GTA 5 in the next generation AAA title. ENB stands for Enhanced Natural Beauty, which is exactly what these models are trying to do.

Although the mod changes every aspect of the game’s vanilla graphics, such as texture, lighting և reflections, the main additions are global screen reflections, ray’s global illumination, window և rain reflections. GTA 5 was not designed to trace the rays, and the tracing of the rays of the screen space only reflects the elements in the current screen space.

The difference between vanilla graphics և NVE shadow է is significant. Los Santos և Blaine area seems more vibrant with bright colors, realistic saturation, contrast և generally more detailed. The best part of all this is the rainy night atmosphere with wet, reflective streets that amplify the street lights with traces of rays.

How to download NVE?

NaturalVision Evolution, unlike most GTA 5 modes, is only available through Razed’s (creator) monthly subscription plan for $ 1-15 per month. Patreon accountFor gamers willing to spend their money to take their GTA 5 experience to the next level, this is one of the most affordable graphics modes available.

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