“They offered me more money than AEW”

Anthony Ogogo He competed in his top professional wrestling tournament, the AEW Double or Nothing 2021, when he competed with Cody Rhodes of the American Dream. The retired boxer lost to Rhodes in just the third game of his career.

MORE: fixes Anthony Ogogo as a force to be reckoned with; it makes sense that Ogogo was a notable name during his boxing career in the UK. Due to blindness in his left eye, Ogogo was forced to retire from professional boxing, and in 2019 he started wrestling.

In progress recently spoke with WrestlinInc’s Nick Hausman, Anthony Ogogo found out that WWE applied to him for a very lucrative contract. Guv’nor rejected WWE E առաջարկ առաջարկ առաջարկ::::: A A A A:::::::::::::::::

Elsewhere, they seem to think primarily of money և people, if at all, Anthony Ogogo on WWE

Anthony Ogogo assumed that WWE valued money more than his talent, he was not ready to join such an environment. The 32-year-old star said he was happy to be in the warm and caring borders of AEW.

“It simply came to our notice then that I did not go to WWE. They offered me more money than AEW. “I did not join them because I believe in Tony Khan’s vision,” Ogogo said. “I believed in the vision of Cody Rhodes. I believe in the vision of AEW. I love being a part of AEW. I love how the team gives ** ** about their wrestlers. If I have a hard time in a minute. I get texts from the management asking if I’m good every day. They think more about people than money. “We think about other people, first of all because they know that a happy workplace creates good things.”

Ogogo could have lost to Cody Rhodes in Double or Nothing, but the popular star may have made quite a decent draw in that part of the AEW line. You: can he check? What Anthony Ogogo said about his relationship with Kurt Angle in a separate interview.

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