Riddle sends a hilarious message to Randy Orton before WWE RAW

Randy Orton may eventually ask Puzzle He “zips” on social networks, if he behaves like that.

This afternoon, WWE: Randy Orton will return to RAW tomorrow night to face the man his teammate lost to RKO last week, New Day’s Xavier Woods.

Following the public announcement of the game, Riddle undertook to write a hilarious message to Randy Orton on social media.

“Dear Randy, how are you?” Riddle wrote. “I’m doing well, I missed you so much last week on RAW և I can not wait to see you again tomorrow night եմ I look into your beautiful eyes again. Sincerely, Your Little Viper Bro. “

Riddle and Orton have been a successful odd couple in recent years as they have won two team games together.

What will Riddle do on WWE RAW tomorrow night?

Randy Orton և Riddle at WWE
Randy Orton և Riddle at WWE

As of this writing, Randy Orton has yet to respond to Ridley’s message, but rest assured that Viper will say something sooner rather than later.

Last week, Riddle and Xavier Woods probably showed the best match. Of course, it will be interesting to see what happens when Woods meets Randy Orton tomorrow night.

Riddle և Orton’s RK-Bro team was easily the most exciting part of WWE RAW as they teamed up right after WrestleMania 37. If this team manages to stay together, the shooting of the RAW Tag Team Champions could be the future of the duo.

What other hilarious types of hippies will Riddle expect from Randy Orton և in the WWE universe tomorrow night on RAW? Fans will have to come to terms with it.

Do you enjoy Ridley և Randy Orton’s story? Where do you think the next RK-Bro will go? Let us know what you think by clicking on the comments section below.

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