Pablo Casado presents the vision of the center-right future of Spain

The leader of Spain’s revived right-wing opposition has said he wants to form a “government of national salvation” to carry out large-scale reforms, including tax cuts within three months of taking office.

Pablo Casado, whose popular People’s Party (PP) is high in opinion polls, told the Financial Times that if he won the by-elections by 2023. In the end, he would record the fiscal reforms of foreign figures, as well as to stimulate changes in the labor market. Simplification of the Spanish transitional management system.

In an interview in which he described what he described as PP’s return from imminent death, he sought to minimize factors such as his past problems with corruption and his possible future dependence on the hard-right Vox.

“When we take office, we need a government. “Practically national salvation,” said the 40-year-old. Referring to the Italian administration created by Mario Draghi this year, he added: “We need people with a lot of experience, including people with different international political orientations. not only the Conservatives, Liberals and Christian Democrats, but also the former Social Democrats. “A government like Italy, but democratically elected.”

With more than two years left in the Spanish parliament, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s left-wing Socialist-Coalition has no majority և weakened by PP’s crushing victory Madrid:This month’s regional elections. The center-right party has since led national opinion polls.

Some polls suggest that PP և Vox will have a majority in the Spanish parliament after the next election. Three years later, a major change came as Cassado’s party retreated from the Socialists.

Casado claims that Spain’s Covid-19 position will boost its chances. “Cr prices are fueling governments, even if they are doing badly,” he said. “The results weaken them, even if they handle things well.”

It’s a dramatic turnaround for a man who wanted to leave politics when it came to PP expelled Against the background of a corruption scandal, the government in 2018. Casado said he was interviewed for a job with a multinational company in Paris, but to throw his hat in the ring when his party held a leadership election earlier than expected. Even after an unexpected victory over him more experienced candidates, the party ‘s prospects seemed bad.

“I had a dead party, it was the third in all polls,” he said. “It was slippery.”

His priority was initially to prevent the center-right Ciudadanos party from advancing to the PP. He achieved this with only 218,000 votes in the country’s April 2019 elections, and then reunited the country’s fragmented rights, he said.

“Even my own party said, ‘Casado is obsessed, he should stop the right to unite the center, go after Sanchez,'” he said. “It simply came to our notice then [parties on the right] It was impossible to win. “

That problem is partially over. Ciudadanos’ vote collapses in the last election. Casado said that now the focus is not on agreements with other parties, but on presenting practical proposals to Spanish voters.

“It simply came to our notice then [in power] “Approve all reforms within three months,” he said, citing the payment of reforms to reduce corporate income tax, eliminate inheritance taxes, improve labor market flexibility, and regulate Spain’s regional governance system.

However, polls show that the PP government needs the support of Vox MPs to form an administration.

“My goal is to govern alone,” said Casado. “PP is not part of the Vox block. “It can rule if it has only one seat from Sanchez.”

He did not answer yes or no when asked if Vox: It was a democratic party. The hardline right-wing group called the Sanchez’s government the worst in 80 years, saying it preferred the fascist regime of Francisco Franco in 1939-75.

Casado says it is based on corruption scandals that helped push for PP ousting power three years ago. “If the party made me a leader, it should have broken that past,” he said.

But several lawsuits are still pending, including one that investigates whether PP Interior Ministry officials used the police to illegally seize evidence of corruption. This year, Casado put the party headquarters up for sale more than a decade ago as part of an anti-corruption campaign focused on financing its renovation.

To the question whether he believes that the former Prime Minister of PP Mariano Rajoy knew about the “black accounts” operated by the former party Treasurer:he said. “In the end, our decision is not to talk about this topic anymore,” he said, noting that the issue is in court.

Meanwhile, the accusations have faded into a political background. PP could also benefit from the public outcry against the expected Sanchez government forgiveness imprisoned Catalan separatists.

But serious obstacles await Casado. Until Sanchez calls snap elections, parliament is unlikely to be dissolved by the end of his term in 2023.

The Sanchez administration hopes it will be the EU coronavirus recovery fund – In particular, € 70 billion in grants to Spain over the next three years – will help boost the economy և boost its capacity.

Carmen Calvo, Socialist Deputy Prime Minister, also said that Casado is in the shadows Isabel Diaz Ayuso“The clear leader of the regional PP that won the Madrid elections was not able to repeat his success.

Casado himself cuts proposals that owe his momentum to the Madrid result, which he said was “not the cause but the setback” of his party’s improved position.

“There is a clear change in the Spanish political cycle, we are ready to govern,” he said. “I do not know if it will be in the next 12 months, but I think it will be soon.”

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