Is Dana White married?

As one of the most sensational MMA characters in the world today, Dana White has kept her personal life largely secret. The UFC president does not often open up about his family, which can be attributed to his massive media attention.

In 1996, White tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Anne White. Apparently, they met in high school, “then the sparks immediately flew between them.”

The duo lived in Vegas at the time, and White previously worked as a boxing coach. A few years later, he contacted the Fertitta brothers and bought the UFC from the Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG). White was later has been confirmed as the President of the UFC, which at a time when his և Anna’s life took a turn for the better. White currently has a net worth From $ 500 million.

Anne and Dana White are parents three childrenThey have two sons, Dana III և Aida, and a daughter, Savannah, who is also the youngest in a white family. While Dana III is trying her hand at American football, Aidan is a Muay Thai athlete and amateur boxer.

On the occasion of Aidan’s 16th birthday, Dana White organized a mass party for him, which apparently cost $ 1 million. Famous rapper Kendrick Lamar also performed at Aidan’s birthday party.

Dana White’s mother claims that her son was unfaithful to Anne White

Dana White has a rough relationship with her mother, June, with White. He also wrote a book about his son: “Dana White, King of MMA. “Dana White: Unauthorized Biography”

He prepared June in the book bold claims Dana White about cheating on a woman. He also described his son as a “selfish, self-centered” individual.

“It’s hard for me to understand how the UFC became so popular when I once knew the person who changed, selfish, self-centered, arrogant and cruel. “Dana became a true friend, a good son, a really nice person, a vengeful dictator who is deprived of feelings about how he treats others,” said June Un.

In June, he accused White of having sex with the UFC ring girls and his sister.

“There are two ring girls I know of, one being Xyience and the other Rachel. She was trying to build a career, she was a Playboy girl. It was quite obvious that they were in a relationship. He slept with my sister in my house, I was absolutely furious. “

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