Highlights from the 4th game of the 2021 NBA playoffs

In: LA Lakers hosted Phoenix Suns: At Staples Center in the 4th game of 2021 NBA playoffs first phase. The Lakers failed to take advantage of the home court for the second time. The Phoenix Suns played with more urgency, and the charge was led by DeAndre Ayton.

Although Anthony Davis was hitting badly from the field, LA Lakers led eleven points. Nevertheless, they came out on the field four points behind the Phoenix Suns at the break. LeBron James Ames was explosive in the first half, but scored only one goal in the third quarter.

LeBron finished the game with 25 points, 12 assists and six assists after trying to run in the fourth quarter.

The Phoenix Suns had a more controlled unit on the floor, led by the all-healthy Chris Paul. He started the game slowly, but erupted in the second half to ensure the victory of the leaders, to equalize the series 2-2. Six Suns players finished the game with a double-digit score. DeAndre Eaton recorded his fourth double-double in his debut playoff.

More aggressive Devin Booker

LA Lakers v Phoenix Suns - Game Two
LA Lakers v Phoenix Suns – Game Two

Devin Booker performed better than in the third game because he was playing with new strength. In the first half, he was dominant, he found a lot of free throw line.

Although he scored just 17 points for the Phoenix Suns in this game, the contribution of his teammates helped the team to victory.

The Phoenix Suns bypassed the LA Lakers on both sides of the court

Phoenix Suns v LA Lakers.  Fourth game
Phoenix Suns v LA Lakers. Fourth game

The Lakers are number one in the defensive rankings, but could not keep up with the free flow of the Phoenix Suns. They were punished at breakthroughs and committed numerous offenses.

Without AD, the LA Lakers’ attack also suffered as the shooting did not stop. The Phoenix Suns’s defense organization also deserves some credit, as they allowed very little open-mindedness.

AD was left out of the game with left groin strain

Los Angeles Lakers No. 3 Anthony Davis grabs a thigh after falling in the first half of Game Four
Los Angeles Lakers No. 3 Anthony Davis grabs a thigh after falling in the first half of Game Four

Anthony Davis got a left ankle sprain in Game 3, but he was playing through it, which may explain his bad bounce. However, the awkward landing after the last lap of the second quarter left the rest of the game off the field.

According to reports from the LA Lakers medical team, it is a left groin strain, he will not return to the game. If the injury continues, the LA Lakers will have a mountain to climb in this round.

Improved performance by Jae Crowder

Hey Crowder # 99 Phoenix Sun.
Hey Crowder # 99 Phoenix Sun.

Geo Crowder undoubtedly had the best performance of the series, as he did not make a mistake. Although he avoided what might have been a blatant blunder, he did an outstanding job defending LeBron James Ames out of the game.

Crowder finished the game with 17 points, seven rebounds and four assists, scoring 50% from the field. His stubbornness in the field of defense led to the blockade of two thefts.

Vintage Chris Paul:

LA Lakers v Phoenix Suns - Game Two
LA Lakers v Phoenix Suns – Game Two

Chris Paul was a double-double shot because he played with such modest control. He organized the team and reached his place aggressively, without burying much resistance to medium-distance flights.

Paul was defenseless in this tournament, he was more comfortable in the ball. He topped the Phoenix Suns with 18 points, nine assists and three rebounds.

With the release of AD և the Suns finding their spark, the Phoenix Suns gain momentum in Game 5 against the LA Lakers.

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