Did the Twitch crew actually leak the grounds for Dr. Disrespect’s ban? The viral Sodapoppin video from the QTCinderella stream is explained

During a recent live broadcast, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris watched viewers during a live broadcast of Blaire’s “QTCinderella”.

QTCinderella is in a relationship with Streamer’s friend Ludwig Ahgren. Recently, Ludwig hosted the “Newlyweds” game show “Twin Couples”, inviting Sodapop as one of the guests.

Sodapoppin was recently featured in QTCinderella’s “Just Chatting” stream, which included some of the other guests on the Ludwig game show. Regardless, Sodapopin could see how Brad “Pluto” talks to Ramay, who is famous Twitch staff member,

They both pretended to talk to each other without saying a word, as QTCinderella finally came in. Sodapopin spoke as if a Twitch employee had told him the “real reason” why Herschel’s “Dr Disrespect” Stage IV was permanently banned from the platform.

Sodapoppin watches viewers during QTCinderella live broadcast, pretends to know underlying Dr Disrespect ban

Dr Unrespect’s mysterious Twitch ban is by far the most well-known permanent suspension that has hit the platform so far. The document was banned in 2020. As of June 26, և had so far insisted that Twitch had never told him the exact reason for the move. An official statement from Twitch said it was Doc is prohibited “Violation of their community guidelines and service conditions.”

Despite the fact that many theories have been circulating online since June 2020 suspension:, Doctor Disrespect recently suggested that YouTube does not comply with Twitch as “streaming platform“And he clearly wants to return to Twitch in the future. No matter what, Sodapopin was watching TV, pretending that Pluto had told him why the document was banned.

As seen in the video, Sodapoppin could not be heard talking or talking to a Twitch employee. When QTCinderella came in and asked if people were trying to “lip-read” what they were talking about, Sodapoppin insisted:

“So that’s why the document was banned.”

Sodapoppin could be seen smiling with a smile, after which QTCinderella pretended to be surprised by the “revelation” about Dr Reverse. However, Sodapopin was only joking, after which Pluto insisted that he simply “had to remove it from the breast.”

Image via ClipsHub Clips, YouTube
Image via ClipsHub Clips, YouTube
Image via ClipsHub Clips, YouTube
Image via ClipsHub Clips, YouTube

Sodapoppin is one of the funniest streams in the world, նույնպես has also had a successful career as a blackjack transmitter for many years. The video then went viral on the ClipsHub Clips YouTube channel and was viewed more than 110,000 times.

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