AEW owner Tony Khan reveals NJPW reaction to WWE Nick Khan ad

Tony Khan revealed that he had spoken NJPW: about his last period MORE: WWE’s Nick Khan commercial, they gave him the green news. The owner of AEW recently dug up the WWE President և Chief Revenue Officer’s claim that there is room for only one of them in the wrestling world.

It is WWE is reported գործընկեր This was the main topic of discussion last week in the world of wrestling. The forbidden door is reported to be reopening, which could signal the end of NJPW և AEW joint work.

Twice or nothing from AEW last night, Tony Khan spoke to reporters with show media scrollingThe first question was about NJPW նրա Nick Khan’s advertising promo.

Tony Khan said.

“I talked to New Japan Aponia, I asked them if they thought it was a good idea, a good promo. They thought it was great, I thought it would be a great promo. That made sense. It was a great day off for us. : True, we have a lot to do with New Japan aponia. Everyone is welcome to talk to each other, և we have done some great things with New Japan Aponia over the last few weeks, և I think we will go a long way with what we talked about եցինք we agreed. I’m excited about that. ” [h/t Fightful]

What did Tony Khan say in his promo association about a possible WWE partnership with NJPW?

The wrestling watchdog first reported on possible WWE-NJPW negotiations, and since then, every media outlet covering wrestling fans has raised it.

AEW Tony Khan took advantage of the situation to cut a promo, he sent the following message to WWE’s Nick Khan.

“I read today that an observer from New Japan is in talks with WWE President Nick Khan. Well, Nick, I have to say that if you’ve been talking to New Japan Aponia Wrestling for two months now, you’ve done a lot. future plans for the US title, so you have really done a lot in the last two months, Nick. In fact, I think there is only one khan in the wrestling business. It’s me, it’s Tony Khan. “A man from Connecticut.”

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda Wrestling for further details on a possible WWE և NJPW partnership.

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