Texas will pass new strict voting restrictions

The Republicans of Texas were ready to pass a new law that tightens voting restrictions in America’s second most populous state, with the party’s latest aggressive move to limit the availability of ballots across the country.

New Texas law will tighten mail penetration, Sunday և Sunday voting. It reflects the margins of the vote, which were introduced this year by other Republican-controlled states, including Florida and Georgia.

It will also make it easier for defeated candidates to challenge the election results in court, as former US President Donald Trump failed to win the 2020 election against Biden.

The Texas bill was approved by the Lon Star State Senate on Sunday following a heated debate with Texas Democrats who strongly oppose the bill. It is expected to be passed by the lower house of the Texas Legislature later Sunday before it is signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who supported the bill.

On Saturday, Biden issued a scathing statement saying that Texas law attacks America’s “sacred right to vote.”

“This is part of an attack on democracy that we have seen so many times this year, often disproportionately targeting black-and-brown Americans,” he said. “It’s wrong, is it not American? “In the 21st century, we need to make it easier, not harder, for every eligible voter to vote,” he added.

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Ime Harrison, tweeted that it was “Jim Crow 2.0, plain and simple.”

Congressional Democrats are trying to counter Republicans’ desire to impose new voting restrictions by enacting legislation at the federal level that bans certain restrictions and guarantees access to ballots. But before the bill was passed by the House, it stalled in the Senate, where the Democratic majority is not large enough to bypass the Republican opposition, to cross the 60-vote threshold needed to push the bill forward.

Voting restrictions passed Orgy Earlier this year, there was a rift between Republicans’ corporate America, where many large corporations were pressured by workers և publicly to openly oppose legislation restricting people from voting.

Tensions have risen over the support of many Republican lawmakers seeking to thwart Trump’s efforts. 2020 Election results:“But Texas law shows that Republican lawmakers are betting that their traditional allies in the business community are unlikely to leave the party, as they still support many of their policy goals, including low taxes and enlightenment.” :

The Texas Voting Act was introduced as the traditionally deeply conservative state gradually shifted to the left, with Democrats achieving that they could win state elections again and force Republicans to defend their advantage there.

While Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by nine points in 2016, he defeated Biden by six points in 2020. In the presidential election, Texas has the second largest delegation in the US House of Representatives, the second highest number of electoral college votes, making it a key prize for both parties.

As Republicans try to cross aggressive voting limits, they also try to limit abortion rights during the first six weeks of pregnancy, while liberalizing gun laws to allow people to carry guns with fewer inspections.


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