Reaching the mysterious bottom of Wuhan Lab

From the first weeks of the epidemic, rumors have been circulating that the coronavirus may have escaped to a laboratory in Wuhan, China. Now the theory is taken seriously again. President Biden ordered the US intelligence service last week to investigate ‘s Covid-19 “caused by human contact with an infected animal or a laboratory accident” և report back within 90 days. It would be much better for China to eventually allow international investigators to enter freely, as this is unlikely to be the answer to the hunt.

Leakage from the lab is only a hypothesis based entirely on circumstantial evidence, but reliable. The Wuhan Juan Seafood Market, where Covid-19 was originally found, is ideal for “zoonotic transmission” of the virus beyond the species ban. Wild animals were in close contact with each other and with humans. However, it is also only 12 km away Wuhan Institute of Virology, which houses a large collection of coronaviruses; another institute Wuhan Disease Control and Prevention Center, even closer. In the past, laboratory escapes have caused outbreaks of the disease.

Finding out the wisdom is not a division of sin. It is a vital need to understand the disease that killed at least 3.5 million people if we prevent similar outbreaks in the future. If zoonotic ejaculation was the cause, knowledge of the mechanisms could determine where changes are needed in animal husbandry փոխ human interaction և to help design global early warning system future risks. If the virus came from the laboratory and has somehow changed there, you can learn lessons about the transparency and safety of bio-screening in the world.

Even the vast resources of US spy agencies may not be enough to give a clear answer. And in the post-truth world, not only Beijing but many other countries will reject any US claim to uncover the Chinese origin of the coronavirus as an information war.

Instead, the world needs a full-fledged scientific investigation conducted by trusted experts selected by a multilateral body, with all the necessary data, people, and places available. Despite all the difficulties he had during the epidemic, this is the best body to solve it World Health OrganizationIndeed, the version of the lab’s escape has largely been turned into an indisputable WTO investigation, which has been hampered by China’s lack of full cooperation. The WHO march report: Transfer from Bat to Intermediate Receiver Completed “Very Probable” Laboratory Incidentextremely unlikely»

Despite the fact that investigators found a goat-like disease in some people linked to the Juan market in late 2019, the Sars-Cov-2 virus has never been found in an animal, so the source remains unknown. WHO Director-General Tedros Adanom Gebreusus says assessment of possible laboratory leakage Was not “large enough”,

Beijing seems to prefer the source to a mystery. China has put pressure on WHO investigators to block the virus from reaching Wuhan with frozen food. The Chinese media has put forward the idea that it was imported from other parts of the world. Donald Trump found it difficult to be more open with Beijing, claiming that he would “force China to pay” for the virus, although Biden refused to use such language.

In support of free trade against the backdrop of Trump-era protectionism Vaccine diplomacyHowever, Beijing has tried to present itself as a responsible global citizen. It can be scary to lose face if proven to be the source of Covid. In fact, China would be respected if it delayed the transition to transparency and cooperation.

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