Pokemon GO Gengar’s best engine

In: Ghost type Pokemon Gengar not only has a terrific design, it is also terribly powerful.

Or it can do tons of damage, but unfortunately Gengar has very low stability and protection. Along with the 261 Attack statistics, it is clear that the Gengar must be a glass cannon. That’s why having a good rolling stock is so important.

This Pokemon does not have enough health to stay in battle for a long time, so it must take advantage of its turns to do maximum damage. These steps are simply focused on getting the most out of the damage.

What steps compliment this Ghost Pokemon?

The best option for a quick transfer of Gengar is Lick. That’s it hereditary step at this point, so trainers will need EliteTM to take this step. Fortunately for players, none of the other moves in this movement require EliteTM, so coaches can save that resource for other Pokemon.

Hex does more damage, but is significantly slower than Lick, which is only 500 miles. After the STAB calculation, Gengar finally does with 12 DPS Lick, as it charges 12 Energy. It’s a lot of energy from one of the weaker movements, և it will allow Gengar to access its powerful charge movements much faster.

The charge step that requires the least explanation for Gengar should be the Shadow Ball. It smooths out Gengar’s strongest move at its disposal. Very few Pokemon can match the damage that Gengar has with a STAB 100 base energy move that only requires 50 energies. Gengar is simply guaranteed to drop a lot of shadow balls in each game.

There was little debate as to whether Shadow Punch was a potential alternative to the release. It’s nowhere near as powerful as the Shadow Ball, but it requires only 33.3’s of energy, so some trainers thought that using three Shadow Punches could mean more damage.

The problem with Shadow Punch is that even if Gengar could charge two of them, it would still be less harmful than one Shadow Ball. Shadow Punch has only 40 base powers. Due to the lack of’s’s, it seldom ever possible to fill the entire line. In that case, it is much better for Pokemon to make a strong move with at least half a stroke.

Gengar has several options for his second charge. Focus Blast has the maximum utility, though. Being a Combat-type move, this will allow Gengar to counter like a regular Pokemon Snorlax: ի Regigigas.

Although the Sludge Bomb with Gengar may also have STAB, it only really helps with Grass և Fairy Pokemon. The psychic could be used against Fighting Pokemon, but all the same, Gengar beats them with the Shadow Ball, if not for a dark move like Crunch. There is no way to stand out, but the Focus Blast is worth it for the raw material.

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