“Manchester City” 0-1 “Chelsea”. 5 hits, Kai Havert’s second Champions League title for the Blues

Chelsea: to beat Manchester City 1: 0 in Porto to reach 2020/21 Champions League title Kai Havertz scored in the first half after the Premier League defending failure, when the “Navy” sealed the second victory of the tournament.

Pep Guardiola’s accusations were incomparably bad, not being able to create any significant opportunities to fight for the split of Chelsea’s well-drilled line. Losing Kevin De Bruyne in the middle of the second half, he also hit them hard due to injury.

In the last few minutes of the game, Christian Pulisic had the opportunity to double his team’s advantage, but he used his efforts from the goalpost. Riyad Mahrez saw that such an attempt was alarmingly close to the last minute of extra time.

Chelsea was a better team from the start սկզբ showed through the game as a worthy winner. Here are the blows and blows received from the game on that note.

Hit: Kay Kayert (Chelsea)

Havertz won the title for Chelsea.
Havertz won the title for Chelsea.

While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Kai Havertz deserves credit. In the first half, he coldly used his opportunity, decisively ahead of Chelsea. Mason Mountain made a goal pass with a delicate pass, which hit Haverts accurately. The German used the final blows, crawling on City, as well as on Mendy’s defense, before shooting home in an empty net.

The German has been questioned several times this season for their most expensive expenses, signed by Bayer Leverkusen. But by scoring in the Champions League final, the Blues will feel they deserve a bet.

Flop. John on Stones (Manchester City)

This is not a good night for the Stones
This is not a good night for the Stones

Controlling a great campaign that breathed new life into his Manchester City career, John on Stones chose the wrong game to stink. The central defender was bad tonight, he even came out short of Chelsea’s decisive, goal-scoring moment.

He made a good pass from the beginning, but then immediately gave it to the opponent’s player. Despite the failed goal, the Stones were unable to catch up with Havert, allowing him to easily hide behind and score.

The quality of the Englishman does not deny, but the evening was simply not his night.

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