“It feels very confusing today”

In the first match, Dominic Tiem lost to Pablo Andujar Roland Garros Sunday. The Austrian left the lead in two sets before going 6-6, 7-5, 3-6, 4-6, 4-6.

Dominic Thiem’s ​​record at Roland Garros on clay in general is remarkable. Prior to his defeat to Andujar, the 27-year-old had reached the quarter-finals, the final (twice) and the semi-final (twice) in his previous five French Open tournaments.

On Sunday, however, Thiam failed to implement his brutal tennis brand as he normally does in Paris. And after the game, the Austrian found out that every aspect of his game is a little below the level.

“I did not have the strength of my blows, there was no speed of several km / h. And I moved badly, too, “said Thiam Post-match press conference“I do not know why, but my game is currently missing by a few percent in all areas.”

Asked if he had been affected by a two-month hiatus from competitive tennis, Tiam refused to blame the defeat. Instead, he argued, he could not understand what was wrong.

“In fact, I have been back from the tour for two months now. “I also trained very hard, but unfortunately I have not found my best form yet,” Thiam continued. “I played very defensively, I fell into the old patterns.”

“At the moment it is difficult for me to understand everything,” he added. “I have to analyze it now to see what is wrong now. This is very confusing today. “

Dominique Tiem later claims that the problems with his game have nothing to do with his mentality or his team. The 27-year-old has a former Olympic gold medalist Nicholas Masu և his father Wolfgang Thiem is by his side, և he believes that they will be able to help him solve the puzzle.

“I do not have to break a racket to go. The problems are elsewhere, I must first find the right recipe, “said Thiam. “I owe nothing to my coaching team. It is only missing in my meetings. I will try to turn the situation around as quickly as possible. And the people around me can help me a lot.”

Dominique Thiem also hinted that the grass season could start soon. Tournaments are expected in Stuttgart and Halle before the start Wimbledon in late June.

“I can not say that yet,” said Dominique Thiem when asked what his next action would be. “Now I’m going to get together and then think about starting the lawn season a little earlier.”

“Something is different.” Dominic Thiem, like him US Open: the triumph continues to aggravate his thoughts

Dominic Thiem with the 2020 US Open Cup
Dominic Thiem with the 2020 US Open Cup

Dominique Thiem was very open in his motivation and devotion in his struggle for 2020. With his victory in the US Open. The Austrian has been at the top of the top 10 for almost five years, losing three Big helmet fin finals before he made his big breakthrough at Flushing Meadows last year.

Thiam reaffirmed those thoughts when he spoke to the media after the defeat against Andujar.

“I mean, it’s amazing to achieve such a big goal.” Dominic Tiem said for his US Open victory. “But at the same time, something is different, as I said before the tournament. It is a great learning process. “Despite the loss, which hurts a lot, I still hope to be able to jump back stronger than before, but right now, I do not.” I do not know when that moment will come. “

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