How to Catch a Shiny Stunky in Pokemon GO

Inside Pokemon GO:, Stunky is a cool / dark type of hybrid that can often be seen on the combat sides of Team GO Rocket members.

In itself shiny egg, it sells its rich purple coat for a bright pink: pink color. But how can Pokemon GO coaches get their hands on their own brilliant Stunky?

Unfortunately for players, this is not an easy task. Although it was much easier during the game Bright Legends Y event“The end of these celebrations in the Kalos region will force the players to be patient in order to capture their brilliance.”

Pokemon GO. Improving the capabilities of Shiny Stubborn

Image by Pokemon
Image by Pokemon

There is still no way to improve the number of glossy Pokemon appearing in Pokemon GO. In the past, Field Research Tasks provided guaranteed brilliant Pokemon encounters, but this usually only applies to a specific Pokemon that relates to a specific event.

When it comes to casually brilliant encounters with wild egg spawns or raids, players are at the mercy of Pokemon GO’s brilliant percentages. One of the only ways to improve the speed of a glowing appearance is to ensure that the required amount of Pokemon can be found in the wild or in an egg.

Since Stunky has not yet returned to the current egg-laying group and is not currently on Team GO Rocket’s established teams, meeting Stunky in the wild is probably the best bet to find brilliant at this time.

Having said that, there are several ways to improve the appearance of Stunky.

  • Use of temptation modules in nearby Pokestops. In Pokemon GO, the bait can be attached to the Pokestops and stay active for և 30 minutes, increasing the number of Pokemon spawns around the stop. However, since Stunky is partly a Toxic Pokemon, players can spawn it with the Mossy Lure Module in addition to the standard. This is not at all absolute, as mossy bait attracts crazy, grassy Pokémon, but it can help create a more shocking appearance.
  • Incense is an additional ingredient available to trainers that increases the level of ovulation around the trainer. The incense burner spins one Pokemon every five minutes if the player is stationary, և if he is moving, every minute or every 200 meters. Unfortunately, Incense does not specify which Pokemon it lays, it just improves spawning around the attachment. It is possible that Incense will not look like Stunky, but it will at least improve the chances.
  • Because Stunky is a cool, dark-skinned Pokemon, there are certain areas occupied by its species that can help players find it in Pokemon GO. For poisonous species, trainers can visit places such as swamps, ponds, cities or industrial areas. For Dark types, scary areas such as cemeteries, monuments, sights or cinemas can produce results. Again, these are not guaranteed, but they can shift the balance in favor of the coach.

In addition to these methods, Niantic always carries ” Contents of Pokemon GOUpcoming events may provide greater spawning opportunities for Stunky or include them in specific research assignments.

Additionally, Stunky may soon be back in the squad for Team GO Rocket grievances, so players need to make sure official updates From Niantic for Pokemon GO.

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