Final Fantasy producer says 5G will end the long reign of the game console

The advent of 5G as a global standard will signal the long-term destruction of the gaming console, even as the Covid-19 epidemic boosted short-term demand for cars, said one of Japan’s most famous gaming consoles.

Forecast by Naoki Yoshida, CEO of Square Enix, which oversees blockbuster development Final Fantasy: և: Dragon Quest: The series comes despite the demand for Sony’s PlayStation 5 exceeding the offer և Sales of Nintendo’s Switch continue to exceed expectations.

But improved streaming speed և long-term removal from the TV, as the main means of gaming can change that.

“Once 5G becomes a global standard, there will definitely come a time when we can transfer images to any device,” Yosida told the Financial Times in an online interview.

“Players can enjoy a high-quality gaming experience on any device without having to rely on a gaming console or TV monitor. “We are definitely moving in that direction. I do not think the coronavirus will slow down this movement,” he added.

Are the gaming industry and analysts frustrated? Cloud based games քը Entry of tech groups like Google և Amazon will finally put an end to the game console. The cars, which date back to the mid-1970s, have proven to be resilient to predictions of their imminent disappearance.

Yosida is best known for reviving role-playing games Final Fantasy XIV. Kingdom reborn After its disastrous debut in 2010. More than a decade later, the role-playing series is one of the most popular online games, with 22 million registered users worldwide. Its coming Final Fantasy XVI: also produced by Yosida.

Square Enix itself has taken advantage of the blockchain, which increases the demand for home entertainment. The group’s operating profit for the fiscal year ending March was up 44% year-on-year, reaching an all-time high of ,2 47.2 billion ($ 430 million). Final Fantasy VII Remake: և Other new game titles.

“You have to sit in front of the TV with home billboards.” “և turn on the power արկ wait for the hardware to run, so it was a time-consuming pastime,” Yosida said. “Staying at home, there were more opportunities to turn on the switch.”

Newzoo, the industry research group, after some extraordinary achievements last year forecasts console market to shrink by 8.9% to $ 49.2 billion as gaming companies face supply constraints Lack of chip,

Although the epidemic forced gaming companies to create a more flexible work environment for their artists and programmers, Yoshida acknowledged some setbacks by not being able to physically interact with the game.

“It’s hard to read the atmosphere when you’re online, so people started asking questions and talking all the time,” he said. “At first we thought it would be more convenient online, but there were unexpected blind spots.”

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