Arsenal hire star Dani Ceballos warns Real Madrid

Dani Ceballos has spent the last two seasons on loan from Real Madrid to Arsenal. Having had success with the North London team last season, this season it was a different story.

Many Arsenal fans have been urging the club to sign Dani Ceballos at the start of the season, but that was not the case. Instead, Real agreed to sanction another loan deal.

By: Daily Mail:Dani Ceballos is ready to present a final ultimatum to Real Madrid. Either he will play for them in the upcoming season or he will try to leave the football capital permanently.

Arsenal should not have high hopes for Dani Ceballos

If Arsenal had hoped to sign Danny Ceballos on another loan, they would have been the most independent club in the first place. Second, they should probably consider other options because: this will almost certainly not happen,

Ceballos is an amazing player, he has a great skill that is attractive to many top teams. Then you can understand why he has high expectations and values. He is not a player in the rotation of the squad, he has great qualities in the starting lineup of “Real”.

Now that ined inedin id id has left Real Madrid camp, Ceballos hopes the new coach will give him a shine. He did not finish his tenure at Arsenal on the best terms, taking a red card, which probably left the “armed forces” out of the Europa League.

Dani Ceballos is a silk ball midfielder who thrives in the last third. He is proud of his ability to move the ball easily,: he will use these positions to create. Real Madrid have not won any silver this season, so they will have a transition period under their new coach. Cebalos should have as many chances to make a cut as the rest of the team realistically.

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