5 Expensive Weapons Worth Their Price in GTA Online

Sometimes , the most expensive weapons are the ones worth buying in GTA Online.

Everything that is expensive in GTA Online is worth the price. However, these five weapons are definitely worth the price several times over, especially considering how often GTA Online players will use them during the game. Some expensive weapons, such as Widowmaker, are not worth the investment, except for the cost of memes.

This list will not include armed vehicles. As a result, there will be five expensive handguns among GTA Online players.

Five Expensive Handguns Valued in GTA Online

5) Combat hunting rifle

Not everyone likes how Combat hunting rifle operates in GTA Online. It is a semi-automatic weapon, which means that players must pull the trigger whenever they want to fire it. It’s easy to see why it gets annoying after a while, but it’s still worth the gun.

The $ 295,000 Combat Shotgun is still a destructive weapon that works better over longer distances than other shotguns. It’s a powerful weapon, but not as powerful as the next four GTA Online weapons on this list.

4) shotgun Mk II

Usually, Mk II versions tend to classify their original partner. The Marksman Rifle Mk II is no different, even if it costs $ 149,000. Having slightly more damage than the original makes this weapon objectively better.

Unlike its counterpart, the Marksman Rifle Mk II also has access to the usual special bombs that Mk II weapons usually carry. Shots, armored piercings և bullets of full metal jackets add a little flavor to this gun, which is great for players who love them.

Overall, the Marksman Rifle Mk II excels as a long-range assault rifle with good accuracy, good firing speed and respectable DPS.

3) special carbine Mk II

GTA Online gamers love machine guns. They are powerful, they fire fast, they are accurate, making them destructively versatile. The Special Carbine Mk II is the best general weapon that a GTA Online player can use in most situations, as its overall statistics are useful in most scenarios.

In: Special carbine Mk II It costs only $ 135,000. It is not as accurate or powerful as the Marksman Rifle Mk II in a single shot, but it has a much more generous trailer size combined with better firing speed. This makes it more preferable for less skilled players who want to get a good weapon, which will be the majority of the GTA Online player database.

It’s a solid weapon և through, so it is not surprising that this weapon is often one of the few A favorite weapon of GTA Online players,

2) Homing Launcher:

Homing Launcher is an expensive weapon, considering how soon GTA Online players can get it. It is available in Class 1 for $ 75,000 and is worth every dollar. It is useful at all stages of the game, regardless of one’s skill level in GTA Online.

As the name implies, this weapon is capable of launching rockets. This in-house feature is not perfect in terms of accuracy, but it is surprisingly good how easy it is to use the weapon. The only real drawback is how little ammunition a player can carry, how slow he is.

It still works in both PVP and PVE scripts, so it would be hard to persuade anyone to buy Homing Launcher, considering how useful it is in GTA Online.

1) heavy sniper Mk II

A good GTA Online player with a good goal can attest to the value of the Heavy Sniper MK II. If the player has a very good goal, they can wipe out any enemy in the game only with this weapon.

In: Sn an sniper Mk II mainly improves the initial heavy sniper weapon, which was already considered good. It costs $ 165,375, which is $ 127,225 more expensive than the original weapon, but it’s worth the price.

This weapon even has explosive projectiles, which means that other players can not hide in most of the cars. It also has an incendiary, all-metal jacket, armored piercing, if that’s not enough. Badly-aimed GTA Online gamers will not like this weapon, but it is definitely a weapon worth adding to its arsenal.

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