Bad Bunny has great respect for these WWE legends

Bad rabbitThe Puerto Rican rapper, who surprised everyone with an amazing show at WrestleMania 37, released a new song titled “100 Millones” a few days ago.

Speaking of his WrestleMania performance, Bad Bunny’s amazing ability in the ring was the result of a special training he received during the overnight training. It was only after he had completed his training that Bad Bunny realized how difficult it was to penetrate that body for 20-30 years.

Bad Bunny recently aired on HBO Shop. Uninterrupted, a series by NBA superstar LeBron James Ames և business tycoon Maverick Carter. The Grammy Award winner expressed his appreciation and respect for WWE Legends as Triple H: և: Initiator:,

“It’s 100% real. That’s crazy. When I was learning on the first day, they were teaching me to fall, I said, “How can these people do for 20-30 years … getting that pain?” Rabbit

Triple H and The Undertaker are two superstars who have stood the test of time. It’s great to see Bad Bunny pay their respects to them.

At WrestleMania 37, Bad Bunny exceeded expectations

Accompanying WrestleMania 37, many expected Bad Bunny to be ridiculed when he landed on Tampa Bay in front of the WWE universe. The same would be believed by Twitterverse.

However, The Miz and Twitter were misunderstood as Bad Bunny was greeted with a bang at the Raymond James Ames Stadium. Even The Miz confessed that he did not expect this pop from the WWE universe.

The rapper puts on a performance CD և is definitely welcome in the ring.

Would you like to see Bad Bunny perform in the ring soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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