5 missions from GTA Vice City that fans would love to review in a remake

GTA Vice City: has some of the most memorable missions in the series, so it would not be surprising if some fans would like to review some of them.

Some missions are frustrating, while others are popular. Either way, both types of missions would be good to review in any possible remake of GTA Vice City. It would be good to review the former, just because players may try the mission with less frustration. Of course, a review of the latter with minimal changes would always be appreciated by GTA Vice City fans.

Needless to say, there are more than five missions from GTA Vice City that fans would love to see revisited in a possible transformation. That said, these five missions have been selected because they are among the most remarkable missions around, with some GTA Vice City fans they still talk about them to this day.

Fans of the five GTA Vice City missions would love to see the remake

# 5 – rub

Rub Out is a memorable mission that completes the first action in the history of GTA Vice City. The implications of the meaning of this mission, like the game itself, are already quite interesting. Diaz is a memorable character, but killing him avenges Victor Vance.

Given that AI is quite primitive in GTA Vice City, Lance is not very useful. Naturally, a remake will solve this problem, which can help the mission feel even more epic.

It’s like the reverse of Keep Your Friends Close …, another great mission from GTA Vice City, fans would love to see again in any possible remake.

# 4 – All hands on deck.

The fight against foreign intelligence agents seems a bit strange, given its context GTA Vice City:, but all hands on deck. is a brilliant mission. Here, Tommy Verzetti helps Cortes avoid French agents in an exciting climate mission.

It’s a defensive mission, as the main goal is to protect Cortes. However, players simply do not win the mission by disobeying, so they must take the initiative to kill the agents who come by boat, helicopter, etc. greater feeling.

It would be nice to see how this mission is further embodied in the remake. Even simply adding better graphics and animation can make this already memorable mission much better.

# 3 – Man of Demolition

This mission should ideally be transformed exclusively by D. disappointment involved just hearing his name. The idea of ​​piloting an RC helicopter to blow up a construction site sounds cool, but the performance is quite mixed. What is supposed to be a fun mission is rather a mess that shows how old some of the controls in GTA Vice City can be.

For starters this is a great way to get word out that GTA Vice City is a good idea. Better control does a lot to make the game more enjoyable, especially since players can not be blamed for their failures.

Otherwise it would be great to walk around hateful mission turn into a fun mission that is different from the rest of the game (how to show the potential of RC missions).

# 2 – Keep your friends close …

The final of GTA Vice City is one of the most memorable missions of the game. That’s it difficult mission by GTA Vice City standards, but it feels good. Players can feel the whole world turn against them when Lance Vance turns on them. At the moment it’s Tommy Vercetti vs. the world.

Keep your friends close … is a fun mission, given that players can mow the hordes of Forelli spotts before climbing to the roof of the Vercett estates to kill Lance Vance. Although the whole mission takes place in one building, it still feels great.

Also, Tommy Vercetti can finally wrap up Sonny, who is feeling great. If this mission was reversed, the betrayal of Lance Vance could have been more dramatic, the scenes of death seemed much cooler. There is just a lot of potential to make this peak feel even better.

Case # 1:

The case is fun mission In GTA Vice City, but it feels very primitive compared to the characters in the latest GTA 5 և GTA Online. The repair would not have to make the case more functional in terms of functionality, but it could borrow some elements to make it look more magnificent.

Of course, the mission itself is one of the most memorable in the game. Bank robbery seems exciting,: the game does a good job of showing it. However, The Job probably has the greatest potential for improvement in a remake.

It would be interesting to add even the smallest details, such as a change in the possible death of Chem onon, rather than just some dialogue. It’s a fold, so it won’t be hard to think of new changes to modernize it for newer GTA fans.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the writer.

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