Brussels warns of rapprochement with UK over Northern Ireland

Britain’s relationship with the EU is in danger of growing steadily as disappointments mount over Britain’s refusal to take full action.Brexi: commitments in Northern Ireland, a senior Brussels official has warned.

On EU relations with the United Kingdom, Maros Sefchovich said he wanted the two sides to agree on a joint “roadmap” in early June, which would set a clear timetable for resolving issues related to the launch of new trade agreements. Region:

While the EU has shown “creative pragmatism” in the discussions, the same cannot be said about the UK, the bloc’s Brexit commissioner told the Financial Times, revealing that he had warned his British counterpart David Frost about growing impatience with EU member states.

“To put it bluntly, all these solutions come from us,” Sefchovich said. “It is quite clear that if we do not see positive developments, the atmosphere would be more acidic. [making it] It is more difficult to seek political compromises. The political environment would be much more challenging. “

Unch rumble meeting

Sefչovi նշել cited a meeting proposed by the EU-UK Joint Commission on Brexit on June 7 as a moment to agree on a “joint approach” to resolving disputes over the operation of the Northern Ireland border. EU-UK officials have been working on such a program since April.

Both sides are concerned about the escalation of the situation tension Ahead of the so-called marching season in Northern Ireland, the district’s Orange Protestant Order holds traditional parades.

Northern Ireland Protocol on EU 2019 Britain The Exit Treaty established a UK-controlled commercial veterinary border in the Irish Sea to avoid the need for any inspections in the north-south of the island of Ireland. But this proved to be highly controversial in the region’s union community, contributing to the April riots.

Sefչovi ասաց said that the EU is working hard to address the provocations related to the protocols, which have emerged since the entry into force of the new EU-UK trade deal on January 1. From the movement of dogs accompanying Northern Ireland և to the UK, to obstacles and tariff issues. A more general problem of VAT, used car VAT և food safety inspections.

“We do not yet have the main answers from the UK,” Sefchovich said, noting the requirements for real-time access to IT systems for commercial monitoring, as well as the need for clear UK plans at border crossings.

“Great impatience” with Great Britain

He warned Frost In a call last week that “impatience has increased in the EU [to see] the solutions that the UK will now present to the table “in order to fulfill its obligations under the Protocol.

In contrast, the UK considers the EU to be incomplete in its need to inspect goods from the UK to Northern Ireland.

“The EU continues to treat the Irish Sea border as if it were any other EU external border, although there is very limited risk to the single market,” said a spokesman for the UK government.

“This leads to a reduction in availability on supermarket shelves, a choice to cancel deliveries, to prevent the movement of retail goods, pets and parcels. “Such a persistent breach undermines the protocol as a whole,” he added.

Sefchovich noted that the EU should ensure the “integrity” of its single market, making sure that the goods are properly inspected, but he reiterates that the UK offers Swiss style a veterinary agreement that will eliminate the need for food safety control. A move that Britain rejects because it presupposes continued compliance with EU rules. He added that Brussels was working hard to find practical solutions to trade incentives, he said. “Honestly, I do not know what more we can do.”

Next month’s decisive meeting of the Joint Committee is likely to take place in retrospect with another EU-UK meeting, before Biden will soon attend the G7 summit in the UK. There have been speculations in the EU capitals that the US President’s visit to Europe will enable him to advance the trade agreements of Northern Ireland.

Legal threat

Sefչovi ասաց said that Britain should have realized that Brussels was also a “political area”, that it could not remain in a position to say to the EU governments “look, here are the 10 things I have solved for Great Britain”, only to answer “zero, “Nothing” when the capitals asked him what he got in return.

Brussels is also continuous legal action Against the United Kingdom after extending some grace periods from the usual requirements for the UK’s Northern Ireland business. Sefchovich noted that Brussels ‘written response to Brussels’ complaints was “disappointing” that the EU had no choice but to escalate the dispute if “we do not hear anything more constructive in the Joint Committee in June.”

That would be the last step before Britain is brought before the European Court.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen selects Sefcovic, Slovakia’s EU Commissioner since 2009, to lead Brussels’ implementation of agreements with Britain after the departure of this year’s Brexit chief negotiator Michel Barnier,

It’s hard work as EU capitals become increasingly nervous that some parts of the new relationship are not bedridden. This includes not only Northern Ireland, but also fishing rights, work permits for Central and Eastern Europeans.

Sefչovi ասաց said that anger in the EU arose after it became clear that some EU citizens were being held in immigration detention centers after arriving in the United Kingdom without a visa. “Can you imagine how many calls I receive, how many letters I receive,” he said, adding that he had been in effective contact with the Home Office since then.

Sefchovich said he expected to work with London on a positive agenda to ensure that Northern Ireland capitalizes on its unique position in both the EU and UK markets.

The protocol “should be a great opportunity for Northern Ireland,” he said.

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