Airbus will increase production of A320 aircraft as a sign of resumption of aviation

Airbus has expressed confidence in the recovery of the aviation industry from the epidemic, outlining plans for a steep slope for the production of passenger aircraft through its famous single-corridor.

The European Aerospace Group has approved plans to increase production of its A320 family to 45 aircraft a month in the fourth quarter, and has told suppliers to prepare by 2023. The second quarter to raise the 64 target for one month. Airbus said. A statement that it is studying up to 70% in early 2024 and 75% in 2025.

The company expects production of its larger A350 aircraft to increase from five to six per month by the fall of 2022.

“The aviation industry is beginning to recover from the Covid-19 crisis,” said CEO Guillaume Faure.

Forin says the message to suppliers “will provide visibility to the entire industrial ecosystem to provide the necessary opportunities to be ready when market conditions demand it.”

Last year, when the epidemic first began, Airbus և its American Boeing reduced production of both one-and-a-half aircraft by one-and-a-third.

The prospect of a longer-term recovery in aviation has improved with the global spread of vaccines, despite regional outbreaks. One of the biggest challenges for the industry is to ensure that its long, complex supply chains are ready to increase production to meet expected demand.

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