Biden to meet with George Floyd’s family on the anniversary of his death

Joe Biden will sit down with Floyd’s family at the White House on Tuesday as political and business leaders call for more racial justice on the first anniversary of Floyd’s death.

The US president will hold a private meeting with Floyd’s family members, including his youngest daughter Ian Iana, before making a statement about Floyd’s murder last year, for which former Minneapolis police officer Derek Shavin was present. was convicted,

White House spokesman En Psaki said it was a day that “certainly had an impact.” [Biden] personally affect millions of Americans. “

Floyd’s death sparked protests, calling for racial justice in the public-private sector. Biden used the item first joint address To urge Congress to pass federal police reform legislation ahead of the anniversary of Floyd’s death.

However, Congressional negotiators have missed that deadline, as they continue drag Flo ood Floyd on the Justice Act, passed by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives last year. To pass the bill, the bill will need the support of at least 10 Republican senators.

The bill would ban police chokoldiers, create a national registry to track police misconduct, make it clear to prosecutors that police would impose fines for misconduct, and ban “knock-on” orders that allow police to enter property by force.

Leading Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, Democrat Corey Booker and Karen Bass said in a joint statement that the anniversary of Floyd’s death was “a painful reminder of why we need to make meaningful change.”

Corporate America marked the anniversary with progress reports on initiatives implemented when Floyd’s death pressured him to make faster progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Accenture CEO Ili Sweet said the company had made “measurable progress” against its goals, but “we can do more; we need to do more.”

a last poll: Just Capital և The Harris Poll found that only 17 percent of black Americans believe that corporate America has done enough to promote racial equality in the workplace, which accounts for less than half a percent of the total population.

“Although there has been progress, it is not enough to meet the urgency of this crucial moment in history,” said the grandmaster. “This work cannot be completed until the injustice done to black Americans is complete,” said Barbara Hampton, executive director of Siemens USA.

Few companies have spoken out about Floyd’s Floyd Justice Act, but National Basketball Association players, executives and owners, including former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, have urged senators to pass the bill.

Cheidl Stokes, a partner in executive search team at Heidrick & Struggles, says there has been a “level of progress” in corporate operations over the past year that he has not seen in 30 years. as a diversity inclusion consultant.

Roy Swan, director of the Ford Mission Investment team, said Floyd’s death “raised the attention of those in power,” many of whom were shocked by the level of inequality in America.

The study had already begun to persuade corporate America that removing the barriers faced by many black Americans “could be extremely beneficial, not just for targeted people,” Swan added. “It is no longer considered a zero-sum game.”

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