Amazon has sued Washington over merchant prices

Washington has sued Amazon for violating regional competition law by illegally linking retailers to sales restriction rules.

Colombia District Attorney General Carl Racine has accused the e-commerce giant of selling 40 percent of the price of the product to third-party vendors through its website and then demanding that they pay no less than others. platforms.

The company already has charges have been filed In the EU, due to the attitude of European traders, who use its platform to sell goods, but this is the first time in the US to face such accusations.

This happens when several large technology companies are accused of anti-competitive behavior. Racine is one of dozens of top lawyers pursuing antitrust lawsuits against Facebook and Google.

A new trial that began on Tuesday argued that Amazon’s “restrictive agreements” artificially inflated prices for consumers.

“Amazon benefits because it controls inflation in the entire online retail market, giving it an edge over everyone else,” he said. “As a result, Amazon is increasing its dominance in the market, illegally reducing its ability to compete for market share on other platforms.”

Amazon has announced that it will no longer ban third-party retailers from selling their products cheaper elsewhere in 2019 after Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for example, criticized Elizabeth Warren, a senior Democrat. Racine’s lawsuit accuses the company of continuing the practice, however, through its “fair pricing policy” that allows it to ban traders who offer lower prices elsewhere.

“The DC Prosecutor General has a setback. “Sellers decide their own prices for the products offered in their stores,” the company said in a statement. “Amazon is proud of the fact that we offer low prices for the widest selection,, like any store, we reserve the right not to mention offers to customers that will not have a competitive price.”

Racine’s case concerns only violations of Columbia County rules. But it will be seen as an attempt to see if other state և federal agencies can build their own cases against Amazon.

The lawsuit against Amazon is based on arguments made by congressional Democrats who wrote in the report Last year, Amazon blamed third-party sellers for using its dominance for unfair treatment, using their data to help improve its competitors.

Racine, the current president of the National Association of Prosecutors General, is reportedly being discussed by US President Biden to chair the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC is responsible for reviewing Amazon’s competitive practices under a deal it made with the Department of Justice two years ago, although the commission has not said whether it is actively pursuing the case against the company. Biden has nominated Lina Khan, one of the company’s biggest critics, as commissioner.

Asked if there were any reports that he could be elected to head the FTC, Racine said: “The question for the FTC is what the president will decide.”

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