China’s top diplomat leaves for Russia as ties reach ‘best in history’

The top Chinese diplomat will leave for Russia on Monday for security talks, the latest sign of deepening ties between Beijing and Moscow amid strong uncertainty over the coronavirus epidemic.

Yan Ji yechi, The Chinese Foreign Ministry, headed by China’s Central Committee, will be in Russia until Wednesday for strategic security consultations, the foreign ministry said on Sunday. Jan will visit Croatia and Slovenia before returning to China.

The announcement comes as both countries are turning their attention to bilateral relations at a time when US geopolitical dominance has receded, with the coronavirus causing shocks around the world.

It came just days after Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a video conference on the launch of a nuclear power plant. The deal, signed in 2018, assumes that Russia will help China build four nuclear reactors.

Starting Wednesday, Putin said relations between the neighbors had reached “the best level in history”, echoing Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in March.

China and Russia “strongly supported each other” in the face of the epidemic, Xin said, referring to a “comprehensive strategic partnership to coordinate a new era.”

The comments add to the recent emphasis on the rapprochement of the 20th anniversary of the signing of a cooperation agreement between the two countries.

In a telephone conversation with Putin last year, Xin stressed the need for closer relations with Russia, given the “confusion” caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The agreement approved a concept for building a new type of international relations, the media

The coronavirus has created foreign policy opportunities for other countries that have created it offer vaccines to low- and middle-income countries. New cases of coronavirus in China have remained lower than in the middle of last year The economy has recovered much faster than other big countries.

China’s close ties with Russia run counter to their ties to the United States. President Biden has vowed to confront China in terms of human rights, intellectual property and economic policy, labeling it the most serious rival to America. The US President also imposed sanctions on Russia for “harmful foreign activities”.

The nuclear deal came at a time when China is seeking to reduce its dependence on coal, which it says is the world’s largest consumer, to pursue new energy goals that include reducing its net carbon emissions to zero by 2060.

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