Tony Hall leaves the National Gallery as the BBC scandal spreads

Former BBC Director-General Lord Tony Hall has resigned as President of the National Gallery as the controversy continues to spread 25 years ago following a nasty report on a host interview with Princess Diana of Wales.

Survey: was published earlier this week The BBC’s Martin Bashir found out that he had lied to the princess in 1995 about getting a peculiar interview using deceptive methods, which were later covered up by a “pleasantly ineffective” internal investigation, who later became the broadcaster’s director general.

Hall said in a statement on Saturday that he had resigned from the National Gallery because “it is clear that continuing my role will be a distraction for the institution for which I am deeply concerned.”

“As I said two days ago, I’m deeply saddened by what happened 25 years ago. I think leadership means taking responsibility,” said Hall, who took office last July, just months after leaving the BBC. :

The scandal has left Britain’s largest public television station fighting to maintain the public trust in those who watched Crown Prince William accuse it of betraying his parents և burning the mother’s “fear, paranoid և isolation” as she negotiates her further funding agreement with the government.

Bashir left the BBC last week due to ill health, and on Friday Tim Sutter, a former BBC News chief executive involved in the internal investigation, resigned from Ofcom Media.

Meanwhile, Sky News reported on Saturday that Diana’s brother Charles, Earl Spencer, had written to the Metropolitan Police Chief asking him to reconsider the circumstances surrounding the interview, which were broadcast on the BBC. Panorama: program a quarter of a century ago.

Scotland Yard has already said it will review the content of the investigation to make sure there is no “significant new evidence” to support the criminal investigation.

Sir John von Kingman, vice-president of the National Gallery’s Board of Trustees, said on Saturday that the museum was “deeply saddened to lose him, but we certainly fully understand and respect his decision”. Kingman will resume Hall’s duties shortly, the gallery said.

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