The White House’s $ 1.7-ton infrastructure offer is in line with Republican resistance

The White House on Friday reduced the size of Biden’s proposed infrastructure package from $ 2.25, but Republicans’ rejection called into question the possibility of a bipartisan agreement.

White House spokesman Psaki called the Biden administration’s latest offer a “reasonable counter-offer” in a “spirit of common ground.”

But Republicans were quick to reject the offer, saying “there is a lot of disagreement between the White House and the Senate Republicans when it comes to defining the infrastructure, the amount of spending offered, and how to pay for it.”

Biden, who spent decades in the US Senate preaching a political corridor record before becoming Barack Obama’s vice president, has repeatedly said he wants bipartisan support. Ambitious infrastructure agenda,

Developments on Friday seem unlikely that Biden և Democrats will be able to make a deal with Republicans, who last month offered a $ 568 billion smaller plan ել rejected raise taxes corporations և the richest Americans to satisfy the bill.

On Friday afternoon, the leaders of the Biden administration held a consultative call with a select group of Republican senators.

For the speaker Shelley Moore Capito“The Republican senator from the state of West Virginia, who led the GOP lawmakers in talks with the White House, said the administration’s latest counterattack was” far more than can pass with bipartisan support in Congress. “

“The groups are further away after two meetings with White House staff than after one meeting with President Biden,” he said, adding that Republicans in the Senate would “continue to review the details” of the latest counter-proposal and “continue to engage with the administration.”

The FT White House Memorandum details the administration’s review of the $ 2.25 billion initial proposal, including the elimination of investment in production, research, and development, as well as proposed broadband financing funding of up to $ 65 billion.

The President reduced his proposal for additional financing of major roads, bridges and infrastructure projects from $ 159 billion to $ 120 billion, the memorandum reads. Republicans initially offered an additional $ 48 billion for such initiatives.

“This proposal shows a willingness to go down, giving some areas that are important to the President, otherwise they would not be in the offer, while remaining firm in the areas that are most needed for the reconstruction of our infrastructure, industry.” the future, “Psaki told reporters at the White House.

For weeks, Democrats and Republicans have been at loggerheads over how to pay for Biden’s big bids.

A White House memorandum states that the president “strongly disagrees with the approach of increasing the workload of working people by increasing gasoline taxes” and that Biden “intends to honor” his “obligation” not to raise taxes more than lucrative Americans. $ 400,000 per year.

“Large companies are one of the largest users of transport infrastructure in our country,” the memorandum reads. “They also pay the lowest taxes as a share of our economy since the 1930s. Our approach must ensure that corporations pay their fair share. ”

Senate Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell on Friday vowed to thwart any democratic efforts to raise taxes.

“This will slow down the economy until we landslide, I think it will stop us.” “They are pretty good,” he told Fox News. “They may be able to get it out, but I think it will be really difficult, we will fight them all the time.”

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