The shipwreck in the Suez Canal is now free

In: a huge ship that sank in the Suez Canal He was released last week, officials said early Monday. Long live the stranded ship!

When is it given?A large container ship from the Empire State Building has disrupted a merchant route after being stranded in a canal last Tuesday, delaying its destination for billions of dollars in goods.

The canal service company announced the ship on Monday was recharged էր was on his happy journey,

The rescue squads worked for six days to free the ship, and were finally successful, thanks in part. bringing high waves to the full moon,

A Dutch company that advocated freeing the ship had previously compared the ship to a “seaside” and said it could “take weeks” to complete. Reuters:,

Despite being a global trade disaster, When is it given? The drowning captivated the world, became the subject of a number of jokes and memes.

It was free to swim on Monday, with traders, rescue workers and politicians celebrating the holiday.

But many, many people have made other demands.

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