Photos and videos of pro-democracy protests in Russia

The Russians bravely resisted the -60 degree weather և police brutality, demanding the release of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

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Thousands of Russians in 200 cities crossing from Moscow to Siberia on Saturday during a pro-democracy protest in the country dared low temperatures and police brutality.

The protests took place in response to the assassination attempt on the opposition leader To Alexei Navalny, which angered Russian citizens.

From Vladivostok to Kaliningrad (10,000 km away), from cities like Siberia, Irkut took to the streets south of Sochi. There are not enough independent media outlets outside Moscow to know the mood there in detail, but #Navalny says it

Twitter: @ngumenyuk:

Navalny was poisoned in August last year and was taken to Germany for treatment, where doctors confirmed that chemical agent Novichok He then helped Navalny investigate his own murder Together with Bellingcat, media: He is famous called agent AD B He got involved and tricked her into confessing.

The leader of the opposition He returned to Russia on January 17, where he was immediately arrested. His team: published another investigation two days later, presumably showing President Vladimir Putin’s palace on the shores of the Black Sea. The investigation coincided with Navalny’s appeals on January 23, which were heard loudly.

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There were more than 3,000 arrests across the country, including 16 journalists protest OVD-Info website, the most in the last four years. It is not known how many people took part in the whole country, but the videos and pictures show that there are tens of thousands of people on the streets.

In Siberia, people complained of -60 degrees.

In Irkutsk, a small town bordering Mongolia, thousands of people took to the streets.

Protesters took to the streets in front of the Kremlin in Moscow.

And thousands marched to St. Petersburg.

Protesters hurled snowballs at police near Moscow.

The police threw snowballs near the Trubnaya circus, they were obviously confused Video. Yulia Suguga / Mediazona:

Twitter: @mediazzzona:

But it was not long before police used force during the protests, which was previously considered illegal.

One of the videos shows a woman kicking her in the stomach. According to Mediazona news agency, the woman received a concussion and was taken to hospital.

A special police officer kicked the woman in the stomach when she tried to help the detained boy. Video: “Fontanka”

Twitter: @novaya_gazeta:

Another video shows police chasing a small child as the crowd shouts for his release.

One of the journalists arrested and later released reported being beaten by police on buses.

And in another video, it is seen that two men in civilian clothes are taking a woman.

The US Embassy in Russia tweeted support for the protests, and later the Russian Foreign Ministry The tweet was labeled “hypocrisy.”

We are watching reports of demonstrations in 38 cities of Russia, arrests of 350++ peaceful demonstrators and journalists. The United States supports the right of all people to peaceful protest and freedom of expression. The steps taken by the Russian authorities suppress these rights.

Twitter: @USEmbRuPress:

Photographs and videos of Ing show mostly show protesters uniting against the police, sometimes turning to their consciences.

Fearing police retaliation and government condemnation, Navalny’s organization called for more protests next week.

“This was the first step towards victory,” said the Anti-Corruption Foundation made a note in the tweets“See you again in a week.”

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