The world is responding to the violence of Trump’s mob on the US Capitol

US allies – opponents shocked – called for peace in Washington on Wednesday when a violent crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump were persuaded that the election had been stolen. broke into the Capitol building,

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Supporters of the insurgency, including some far-right groups, stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, as headlines of lawlessness and chaos within Congress appeared around the world made a note in the tweets that “the enemies of democracy will be thrilled to see these incredible pictures of #WashingtonDC.” He also called on Trump to finally accept defeat in his election.

“The rioting is turning into violence on the steps of the Reichstag, now at the Capitol,” Maas added. “Contempt for democratic institutions is destructive.”

In London, British Prime Minister Boris John Onson called the scenes “disgraceful”.

“The United States is defending democracy around the world, and now there is a very good chance that there will be a peaceful and regular transfer of power,” he said.

The Prime Minister of Canada Just Astin Trudeau stated that his people are “deeply saddened and saddened by the attack on democracy in the United States.”

“Violence will never prevail over the will of the people,” Trudeau said. “Democracy must be maintained in the United States, it will be.”

In Brussels, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who had a troubled military relationship with Trump over the president’s criticism of the security alliance, called the violence “shocking.” made by him in times of great unrest in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

“The result of this democratic election must be respected,” Stoltenberg said made a note in the tweets,

He was weighed down by several other foreign officials and leaders, including the President of the European Commission.

The Prime Minister of Spain.

The Prime Minister of Australia.

And the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Carl Bildt, Sweden’s former prime minister and current co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations, wrote on Twitter that the violence and occupation of the Capitol mean “the plunder of democracy.”

He included in his message a photo of a smiling man carrying Trump’s beak to a podium with the seal of the House Speaker on it.

The scenes of violence were especially shocking for those for whom the United States was a model of freedom and democracy.

Two pro-European officials told BuzzFeed News that the scenes were more reminiscent of the events in eastern Ukraine in 2014, when Russian-backed separatists stormed government buildings after the ouster of a friendly Moscow president. They compared it to what happened in Kyrgyzstan in October, when opposition party supporters stormed the parliament building after the election was rigged.

Officials spoke on condition of anonymity as their countries relied on US support.

One of them said they “never imagined it would happen in the United States.”

“It is madness,” the official added.

Turkey, a NATO country that faced its own coup attempt in 2016, called for a calm, legal solution. “We urge the United States to show restraint and prudence,” the State Department said in a statement. announcement:“We believe that the United States will maturely overcome this internal political crisis.”

The ministry also advised Turkish citizens in the United States to avoid crowded areas or places where protests were taking place.

Venezuela, which is often Trump’s gossip about the dangers of socialism, has also issued a statement raising concerns about violence in the United States. Venezuela elections are illegitimate“Venezuela condemns the political polarization, the spiral of violence, which calls for reflection on the deep crisis currently facing the political and social system of the United States,” the statement said. “In this painful episode, the United States is suffering from the same thing that has caused its aggressive policies in other countries.”

Meanwhile, the foreign media of the United Kingdom The BBC: to Russia TASS: to: France 24: և After that he broadcast live the events of the Capitol.

As dusk fell over Washington’s state of war, Trump posted a one-minute video on Twitter urging the crowd he had previously urged to stand up, but not again. falsely claiming to have defeated Biden “With a landslide in the elections.”

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